SINCE 1946

Building the dream of thousands of customers

Origin of the company

FICSA, is the property subsidiary of LIBERTAS 7, and dates back to a company founded in the city of Valencia in 1946. From that moment, the company has consolidated itself as one of the most solid estate agencies and developers of the Comunidad Valenciana.

FICSA has been since its founding one of the main property promoters in the Comunidad Valenciana, with more than 70 years experience promoting dwellings of recognised quality.

The company has been able to adapt to the changes in the property market throughout the years, and has maintained sustainable growth, although the essence of FICSA has always been its vision of the future, which has permitted the consolidation of a position of reference in the property sector.

Detecting the changing needs of its clients has also been fundamental in order to offer state of the art solutions. Being pro-active and always seeking continual improvement allows the company to offer dwellings that are right for today’s requirements.

The main strength of FICSA is the effort and the commitment of those who work every day in the company, a team of professionals with dedication, experience and honesty at work. Those of us who work for FICSA’s present and future, aspire to the on-going improvement in the dwellings we build, always looking to find the best locations, taking care of the lay-outs and adhering to the principles of space, quality and design, which have been our trademark since our beginnings.


The foundations of our company


Our philosophy hinges upon understanding our customers’ needs as well as their concerns. That’s why we are in constant communication with them, listening to their proposals, generating trust and establishing a a long-term relationship beyond a merely commercial deal.


We have learnt that the best way to work is to generate relationships of trust. We know that most of our customers cannot see their dwelling until the building is completed. For this reason we are sincere and transparent, explaining everything with the utmost clarity. We generate value by listening to the needs of our customers and advising them in order to satisfy their requirements and concerns.


We work with the best materials, ensuring the quality of the design and the details.  Our intention when building is concerned with finding the ideal space, light and comfort so as to improve the quality of life of our customers.


Our way of working is based on commitment and the effort we make to understand our customers’ needs, enabling us to understand all their concerns, and adapting them to the demands of the market.


These are some of the promotions that best exemplify our Know-how. A unique perspective, with a standard of quality as expected by the most demanding customers.

This is what has characterised FICSA since its beginnings in 1946.


At FICSA we look after our customers, our quest is to find the best materials to construct buildings that are functional and comfortable. We pursue exhaustively the materials and quality so that all our customers feel comfortable and happy in their new homes.

We know that buying a dwelling is one of the most important decisions of our lives.

Our after-sales service seeks to obtain global satisfaction for our customers and we work pursuing the strictest standards of quality, undertaking processes that ensure that the moment of occupancy will be a great success.